Terms of Service

General Terms

  • This "Terms of Service" is made up in accordance with international law and business practice. Registration is automatic and is completely mandatory for all participants in the trust firm. By investing in this firm you are agreeing to this terms of service document, which may be edited at any time. All trademarks reproduced in this website, which are not the property of, or licensed to the operator, are acknowledged on the website.


  • All the materials and information of this web site, as well as any other content, are available and rendered "as is", without any kind of express or implied guaranties,such as the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or non-infringement.
  • This website is not supposed to give any legal, insurance, tax or investment advice. Nothing on this website should be taken as our recommendation, or recommendation of other parties, to obtain or dispose of any security or investment, or to involve in any investment transaction or method. Under no circumstances shall X 10 Multiplier bear responsibility for any kind of loss, decline or damages as a result of, arising out of or in relation with the performance of this web site or its content, or inability to use it, unless otherwise provided by law.
  • X 10 Multiplier does not confirm that the data presented as the content is decisive, complete, correct, or affirmed. Please commit any Bitcoin operation after you are thoroughly acquainted with the prospects.

Investment rules

  • Every deposit is considered public to keep all web site operations transparent and visible to the public and any law party that may wish to review the public ledger.
  • Investors execute all financial transactions solely at their own discretion and at their own risk.
  • X 10 Multiplier only accepts Bitcoin for investments.
  • We do not accept investments below 0.05 Bitcoins.

Use of the affiliate program

  • The referral program offers many opportunities to earn money without main contribution. There are no time limitations for such activities.
  • All the X 10 Multiplier users have the right to participate in the X 10 Multiplier referral program.
  • Users are not allowed to send SPAM or any kind of unsolicited commercial e-mail to promote the X 10 Multiplier website.
  • X 10 Multiplier offers up to 7% referral commission from every deposit of your direct referral an investor whom you have invited personally through your personal referral link. You will receive 7% of all personally invited investors.

Investment risks warning

  • To protect our users from trading risk we have a stabilization fund, which in case of loss, is used to repay investors. In addition, there are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based deal execution trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connection.

Amending the Terms of Service

  • Management of X 10 Multiplier reserves the right to amend these "Terms of Service" without investors consent.
  • Management of X 10 Multiplier will inform investors of such changes by publishing this information notice on the website of the program.
  • The changes become effective on the date of placing the information on the website, unless otherwise provided in the text of a specific notice.

Investor Support

  • Every user has the right to request any additional information from our support service.
  • Members agree to behave politely with our support team and follow the instructions to prevent anyone from potentially negative situation.


  • In cases where any provision of these "Terms of Service" are determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitration body to be unenforceable in certain jurisdictions, such provision shall be acknowledged as unenforceable in such jurisdictions.
  • The other provisions of these "Terms of Service" shall remain binding for all signatories as if such provisions were not contained herein. Otherwise such provisions shall remain enforceable and unaffected in all other jurisdictions.

If you are not comfortable with these terms, we do not recommend you continue using X 10 Multiplier