Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin ?

  • Bitcoin is a modern distributed crypto currency. To a newcomer, it may be somewhat difficult to grasp in comparison to other payment systems we work with. If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin, we suggest that you start with its official website,

Which currencies do you accept ?

  • At the moment we accept only BTC (฿).

How can I earn with X 10 multiplier ?

  • Everything that you need to do is a deposit (min 0.05 BTC - max 20 BTC) . The main part of work is carried out by our analysts and team.

Is it safe to invest with X 10 Multiplier ?

  • We at X 10 Multiplier have direct moral and financial interest in keeping the program stable.

How many active investments should I have ?

  • Each user has the right to have an unlimited number of active investments at once.

Does my Bitcoin deposit add automatically after sending ?

  • Bitcoin deposits will need to receive at least 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network in order for them to be verified and for our system to automatically activate them in your account. So therefore, Bitcoin is not an instant deposit method, but will be automatic, once the number of require confirmations is received for that transaction. Confirmations required is usually 1 to 3 confirmations before the deposit is added instantly by our system.

For what period is bitcoin invested ?

  • Your investment period is 24 hours.

What is the minimum / maximum sum which is may be invested ?

  • Minimum 0.05 BTC (฿) / max 20 BTC (฿).

How can I contact support service ?

  • In the section “Contact” there is all necessary contact information.

Do you offer phone support ?

  • We are currently setting up a call centre account to cater to the services we require. Once this is all up and running, an announcement will be made.

I have not found an answer to my question here?

  • Use our contact form to ask your question.